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A Kudzu post on Kudzu stories.

We don’t really get properly complicated, sprawling stories in anime much. I suppose there is Legend of the Galactic Heroes, but I haven’t watched it and am saving it for a particularly severe bout of disillusionment with anime, if ever it happens. I hope it does, because otherwise I’ll never get to watch it, and will hoard the promise of watching it too long and end up dying on a bed of gold.

That’s a reference. Ganoes Paran says something similar to an unnamed Captain somewhere in the beginning of  the book Gardens of the Moon, which, since I have done a bad job of making clear what is post is to be about, is mostly what this post is to be about. Not an anime post.



The Outsider’s View In or, Satire is Self-destructive


Comedians laugh at everything, so it’s only natural that they be left outside with nothing.


This post’s title is rubbish, because it tells you nothing about the post, but I like how it sounds so I’m keeping it.

Still, as with all my other posts, I’m going to open up with a picture and follow the most long-winded path to linking my post with it as possible.

Yeah, so I watched the Bling Ring, which is a comic-satirical film in which a group of teenagers in the richer districts of Los Angeles walk into celebrities’ unlocked houses and then steal stuff like bags and shoes from them. Its a pretty by-the-numbers bashing of capitalist mass-culture, though it never makes any connections between the characters’ actions and rationalisations, and the forces that drive these actions and rationalisations.