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What, anyway, is a political story?

Now, I’m really not going to keep up any pretenses about this: this is going to be the driest post I will ever churn out. I’m writing it out because I am generally dissatisfied with the exploration and evaluation of political stories on and around the blogosphere, where people are more or less content to refer to an anime as ‘political’, and expect it to be understood what they mean by this. From here on in, everything I deem to be my personal opinion will be in grey, because f*** my opinions.



Something completely off-topic

I know this is supposed to be an Aniblog and all, but I really want to post this.
Its a short story I wrote a while ago. I think it conveys a good feeling of “Settinglessness”.
Lets get to it then.

I entitled it “Excercises in Surrealism” because really, when I was done with it, I didn’t know what the point of it was. It felt kind of shallow.

Here Goes:


So I started a blog

And I have no idea what to do now that I’ve said everything that was even remotely important to anything in those five words. I started a blog. Here it is. You are here. Nothing has changed. Looking at this blog through the Total Perspective Vortex will still fry your brain.

But I guess this is a significant step of sorts. Writing is important; there is no way I can tell what I thought about a show until I’ve written about it and observed my observations externally. I dont know if I gave a show the effort and thought it deserved -and odds are writing about it won’t help since I have no satisfactory metric for when I’ve expended enough effort- until I pay attention to myself.

Oh yeah, this is an AniBlog. If you came here for other reasons, now is probably a good time to run screaming.