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Ping Pong 01, but not really, but Ping Pong 01

Lets get the formalities out of the way first. I like the episode, and Wenge is kickass.

So I’m thinking that if Aku no Hana is on one end of the visual spectrum of realism, and Nisekoi is on the other, Ping Pong the Animation is somewhere in the corner where we put all the bastard children of abstraction and realism. On one hand, this is very much still Masaki Yuasa madness, where reality is only as real as Yuasa says it is, nothing much has defined outlines, and anything that is happening is very much suspect of being visual metaphor, and on the other, it still feels very genuine. The sequences where Peco and Wenge play each other look absolutely nothing like actual table tennis, and Yuasa tries to remind us of that constantly; there is no attempt whatsoever to be realistic, so Yuasa must be going for abstraction. The sequences where Peco and Wenge play are, in essence, no difference from the show flashing text on the screen saying ‘Peco and Wenge played a game, Peco got skunked’, only doing it the Yuasa way looks cooler. Neither resembles sports, but both are meant to mean ‘a game is being played right now’. Signifier signified sign.