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It really is a pain thinking up topics for posts that are essentially just rambling | Mushishi Episodes 1-10


So one of the better things about Mushishi is how there is hardly any wasted material, even though the show doesn’t need to be as efficient as it is to establish its mood. The easiest way to be relaxing and calm, yet subtly melancholy is to be Natsume Yuujinchou; insert greenery, have very little go on and keep a muted soundscape and colour scheme. Mushishi is a lot more focused than that. I’d say that it is, in terms of the finesse with which it goes about unveiling its world, rivalled by very very few in anime.

A lot of people have likened Mushishi’s mood to a lot of different things, but the comment that sticks out to me as the most accurate and representative is that one from that review on MAL. ‘Mushishi, in spirit, resembles a cave painting’. That’s an accurate assessment, but its so accurate an assessment as to basically be the thing its assessing; it holds understanding but not much explicit information.